Growing together in Africa

Our local sourcing ambition

Local Sourcing is not an easy journey

Watch more about the challenges we are facing and lessons learnt

Helping to improve farmers' lives

Thanks to an inspirational female African entrepreneur, Yemisi Iranloye, our cassava project in Nigeria is gaining traction and improving the lives of a growing number of smallholder farmers in the region. Read more here.


Care to local communities

Healthy people make growth happen

At HEINEKEN we believe that every employee should have access to good healthcare, regardless of where they live or what they earn.


Health & Water projects for our communities

The HEINEKEN Africa Foundation supports health and water projects for communities in the Sub-Saharan African countries where HEINEKEN operates. Over the years the Foundation has built a strong expertise on Mother & Child Care and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiëne) projects. Visit our website here.


Our African brands

Primus - Connect to progress

Star - Shine on

Turbo King - Real man's reward