Warning: Important notice on the abuse of the HEINEKEN name in Internet scams

HEINEKEN has become aware that the Heineken brand name and logo, as well as personal names of HEINEKEN officers, are being fraudulently used for activities in which HEINEKEN is not involved whatsoever.

Alleged HEINEKEN lotteries, promotions, job offers or even cars are wrongfully being promoted or promised under the HEINEKEN name, even with HEINEKEN imagery and logos copied from official websites. In some cases, personal names of HEINEKEN officers, the HEINEKEN logo or other HEINEKEN imagery are even copied and used for these purposes to give the impression that it is genuine.

Not only HEINEKEN, but thousands of other national or international companies and brand names are confronted with this kind of fraud.

HEINEKEN wants to emphasize that it is neither related to the described lotteries, prize draws or job offers, nor is it connected to any alleged organisation that e-mailed it.

HEINEKEN reports fraud like this to the relevant (local) authorities like the police and asks them to investigate the origin of all those e-mails. HEINEKEN also asks for measures, if possible, against such organizations.

HEINEKEN strongly recommends that those who receive e-mails on these alleged lotteries, prize draws or job offers do NOT open any documents attached to those e-mails, do NOT respond in any way to such e-mails received and hence do NOT give any personal information or bank details.