Warning: Important notice on the abuse of the HEINEKEN name on “Certificates”

HEINEKEN has become aware that the Heineken brand name and logo, as well as personal names of HEINEKEN officers, are being fraudulently used to solicit orders for the trade in Heineken® beer.

Certain parties, alleged traders of Heineken® beer, are presenting fake “certificates” or “contracts” to prospective buyers that “confirm” that said traders are “authorized sellers”. In most cases, personal names of HEINEKEN officers, the HEINEKEN logo or other HEINEKEN imagery are copied and used to give the impression that the “certificate” is genuine. In some cases such “certificates” have been used to convince buyers to order and prepay Heineken® beers without the product being delivered.

HEINEKEN wants to emphasize that it does not issue “certificates” or “authorisation contracts” to confirm that third parties are “authorized” to sell its products.

HEINEKEN therefore strongly recommends that those who receive “certificates” or “contracts” that “confirm” that certain traders are “authorized sellers”, do NOT respond in any way and do NOT enter into any agreement with such party.